Scodix Ultra 2000

A digital enhancement press

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Designed for the commercial and speciality markets, the Scodix Ultra 2000 press is the only enhancer in the world that supports all 9 Scodix applications on one system. A fully featured platform, it fuses new levels of flexibility, quality and productivity to generate unprecedented values to commercial PSPs, publishers and other speciality printers.






The Scodix Ultra 2000 enhancement press is unique in supporting all 9 Scodix applications on one system. These include Scodix Sense, Foil, Metallic, Glitter and Spot, with Cast&Cure, VDE, Braille and Crystal as options.

The press fuses new levels of flexibility, quality and productivity, generating unprecedented values to commercial PSPs, publishers, tags, trade finishers and other speciality printers. It provides users with the largest array of enhancement capabilities in the market, with unmatched quality – on time and on budget – all on one platform.

The Scodix Ultra 2000 enhances from various CMYK print processes such as offset, HP Indigo Electroink, inkjet and toners up to B1 size sheet format with material weights from 135-675 gsm/6-30 points and material thicknesses up to 0.7mm/700 microns.

The enhancer allows users the freedom to enhance on a large variety of substrates, including paper, lamination, various water-based coatings, PVC and carton. There are over 100 qualified substrates including offset, digital, laminated/non-laminated, coated and uncoated with no need for additional set-up.

The Ultra 2000 enhancement press features a 4-CCD camera system, RSP (Rotate, Scale. Position) algorithm, auto positioning and ±100 micron image registration.

Specific market segments catered to include commercial and speciality print, packaging, web-2-print and more with a focus on fine details and surface finishing. The Ultra 2000 is ideal for enhancing business/greeting cards, folders, book covers, brochures, labels, packaging and more.

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