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Why should I use genuine Brother TZe Tapes

In independent tests, Brother TZe tapes outperformed non-genuine tapes in all respects, from legibility and colour recognition to extreme temperature resistance. Tests also revealed a real risk of permanent damage to Brother devices due to jamming by non-genuine tapes.

Does Kemtek service my area?

Kemtek is head quartered in Johannesburg, and has a national footprint with branches in Cape Town, Durban, Gqeberha, and Tshwane. From our regional hubs, we are able to distribute goods and offer after-sales and technical support throughout Southern Africa

Is bar coding the same as auto ID?

Auto ID (also called AIDC) is short for automatic identification & data capture technology. Auto ID technologies identify objects, collect their data and enter these into computer systems, automatically. Bar coding, RFID, QR codes, magnetic stripes, smart cards, biometrics, voice and optical character recognition all fall under auto ID.

3D printing & additive manufacturing: what’s the difference?

3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) are often used interchangeably for the process of producing 3-dimensional objects by “adding” materials. 3D printing, however, is a specific form of AM in which objects are built by printing layers. A broader term, AM includes other additive methods that don’t involve layering. In addition, 3D printing now usually refers to consumer, recreational & desktop markets, while AM refers to industrial and commercial applications.

Do you have your own ribbon slitting plant?

Yes: our ribbon splitting plant is located in City Deep, Johannesburg. The facility supplies almost every imaginable size and format of thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) required by resellers and B2B customers in South Africa and beyond.

Do you carry out equipment repairs?

Indeed: we operate our own authorised repair facility for a wide range of auto ID products, as well as for Brother labelling equipment. As part of our sustainability policies, we prefer to repair than replace. Of course, for larger equipment, such as printing presses, Kemtek’s factory-trained regional technicians perform services and repairs on customers’ premises. We also provide technical assistance by remote.

Will 2D bar coding replace 1D bar coding?

Not for the time-being, but certainly in future. Traditional 1D bar codes have reached the limits of their information-carrying capacity, while 2D codes not only hold more data, but are vastly more flexible and geared to consumers. Both systems will continue to exist side by side, but it’s expected that most migration to 2D codes will have taken place by 2027.

What are the competitive advantages of digital printing?

Digital is now the go-to solution for shorter run jobs and on-demand printing, especially those involving branding and packaging. Packaging has emerged as the most competitive area – and this is one arena in which digital excels. Digital printing presses also enable advanced anti-counterfeiting and diversion solutions and security features way beyond anything possible in other formats.

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