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A Foiling Station

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With the Scodix Foil Station, Scodix has once again raised the bar of digital enhancement. An additional module, it runs in-line with the Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Press.


Scodix Foil’s innovative, patented technologies include: RSP™ (Rotate Scale Position) – based on 4 CCD cameras and sophisticated algorithms for optimal image to image registration; and PAS™ (Pin Activate Secure) – unique and patented foil process using the PolySENSE 500 polymer to enable ultra-fine details with a wide variety of foils.

Replaces the conventional analog method, eliminating the need for dies, plates, molds and other costly materials; make-ready costs result in a breakeven point of over 9,000 sheets – incomparable cost-savings for short to medium runs.

Scodix unique patented technologies, the PAS, RSP and transfer process deliver superior Foil enhancement print with ultra-fine details, high gloss, surface coverage and flawless registration; high-end print quality is achieved via a robust and reliable automatic process with a high production yield.

Quick, efficient, environmentally “green” and easy-to-use process provides customers with fast turnaround time to meet and exceed their needs.

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