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The SATO CT4-LX is a smart and intuitive desktop label printer designed for stress-free use across a diversity of worksites. With economic diversification creating skilled labour shortages, businesses need improved productivity from smaller and more diverse teams. The CT4-LX is designed for use by operators of varying skill levels in a space-saving manner across a wide range of sectors, including retail and transport/logistics. The CT4-LX is also compatible with SATO Linerless Labels.*

SATO CT4-LX: RFID Capabilities

CT4-LX enables more efficient retail stocktakes & inventory visibility by re-labelling products from factories with RFID. A wide range of labels, tags & tickets are available.

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The CT4-LX delivers simple and efficient printing on shop floors where space is at a premium. It is ideal in key areas such as ad-hoc price changes and discounts, goods return labelling and stocktaking. With its UHF and HF RFID options, the printer enables retailers to enhance traceability through re-labelling products with RFID labels and tags.

Labels required through the supply chain such as goods receiving, racks and returned goods labels can be printed efficiently by the CT4-LX. It enables users to register media profiles with print settings of commonly printed labels and comes with major competitive emulations for seamless fit into existing workflows.

Due to its compact size and recessed ports at the back of the printer, the CT4-LX occupies a smaller installation area compared to other similar models on the market. Printer installation is more convenient thanks to easy accessibility of the cover button from the front.

The user-friendly menu is easy to understand and navigate due to the 4-inch colour touchscreen display and simple user icons.

The wider opening of the top cover enables easier loading of labels and ribbons. The rear cover is designed for effortless loading of fanfold media.

Users can register settings of commonly printed label types such as Media Profiles to appear on the home screen for easy future selection. Significant time savings can be enjoyed and errors minimised when multiple label types are printed by one printer.

SATO linerless labels offer a number of significant advantages for customers. They provide more labels per rolls than regular lined labels as well as playing a positive role in other business operations. These benefits include lower waste disposal costs (50% of the weight of standard label rolls is simply discarded), savings on labour and transport plus increased efficiency, all of which result in lower cost of ownership, while lowering carbon footprints.

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