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The CL4NX Plus is the industry’s leading industrial 4-inch industrial thermal printer, designed to meet the requirements of mid-range to high-end label printing environments. With the rise of loT driving digital transformation across industries, businesses use data to gain traceability, enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction. The CL4NX Plus illustrates SATO’s experience in providing customers’ on-site needs. The CL4NX Plus is also compatible with SATO Linerless Labels.*

SATO CL4NX Plus: RFID Capabilities

CL4NX Plus enables more efficient retail stocktakes & inventory visibility by re-labelling products from factories with RFID. A wide range of labels, tags & tickets are available.

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A best-in-class thermal printer built for tough industrial use, the CL4NX Plus helps manufacturers gain clear visibility and traceability from raw materials to finished product – especially helpful in cases of product defect. Electronic manufacturers can leverage SATO’s heat resistant labels and CL4NX Plus for high precision printing of micro PCB labels that are getting ever smaller.

Ideal for high-volume distribution label printing, the CL4NX Plus helps prevent incorrect deliveries of goods from warehouses to stores. Retailers can also achieve more efficient stocktaking and visibility of store inventory by re-labelling products from factories with RFID. A wide range of labels, tags and tickets for various needs from markdown to anti-tampering are available.

The printer enables prompt response by easily detecting operation errors with red/blue indicator lights. It speeds up maintenance and error resolution with video guidance on the full colour LCD screen. Setup and maintenance are simplified by field installable parts, snap-in printhead and tool-less platen replacement.

More media per roll and longer ribbon mean less downtime for media replenishment. Status of all printers can be viewed at a glance and proactive preventative maintenance performed before errors occur. The PureLine platen roller provides visual indication of wear.

The robust metal casing with bi-fold cover makes the printer suitable for use in industrial environments with limited space. AEP enables users to directly connect the printer to keyboards, weigh scales, bar code scanners and more for simplified printing without a PC. Multiple interfaces include Bluetooth, serial, parallel, LAN and USB with optional WLAN kit.

SATO linerless labels offer a number of significant advantages for customers. They provide more labels per rolls than regular lined labels as well as playing a positive role in other business operations. These benefits include lower waste disposal costs (50% of the weight of standard label rolls is simply discarded), savings on labour and transport plus increased efficiency, all of which result in lower cost of ownership, while lowering carbon footprints.

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