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SATO linerless labels offer a number of significant advantages for customers. They provide more labels per rolls than regular lined labels as well as playing a positive role in other business operations. These benefits include lower waste disposal costs (50% of the weight of standard label rolls is simply discarded), savings on labour and transport plus increased efficiency, all of which result in lower cost of ownership, while lowering carbon footprints.


Because the liner takes up 50% of the space of conventional rolls, linerless rolls hold up to twice as many labels in the same space. Linerless labels have longer shelf lives than regular labels and are less abrasive to printheads. This reduces costly wear and tear on printing equipment and, with no liners to discard or collect from production areas and hence lower waste disposal costs, overall cost savings can be significant.

As linerless rolls have twice as many labels per roll, warehouse employees who are packing and labeling products do not need to change out an empty roll for a new one as frequently, allowing greater productivity. Considering the number of packages some e-commerce and logistics businesses handle per day, having to reload rolls constantly takes multiple minutes per employee per day, adding up to a lot of downtime. Additionally, linerless labels speed up processes by being pre-printed for license plating and use for products moving in and out of inventory.

Leftover liners seem harmless, but they are classified as a warehouse safety hazard because silicone is so slippery. When employees apply traditional peel-and-stick labels to products, they sometimes drop the silicone release liners on the warehouse floor, creating the potential for slip-and-fall accidents. By eliminating the potential for discarded label liners, companies can minimise the possibility of warehouse floor injuries.

Many companies are exploring green alternatives to improve their eco-friendliness, and linerless labels inherently create less waste. Label liners cannot be burned or recycled, which means all of that waste enters landfills instead; and because they are silicone-coated, they are not biodegradable. Linerless labels conserve resources in other ways too. By using two face sheets and no liner, combined with alternating adhesive and release patterns, companies can print the shipping label on one side of the label and the itemized returns sheet on the other.

SATO linerless labels are compatible with FX3-LX, TH2, CT4-LX and CL4NX Plus printers.

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