Meet our Cape Town team – always there for you


Meet our Cape Town team – always there for you

Back (left to right): Llewellyn Willis, Nigel Carew, Henry Calitz, Shane Williams, Pierre Driver, Simphiwe Citwa. Center: Melvyn Harry,
Michael Jansen, Zolani Bottoman, Tasneem Arendse, George Nelson. Front: Pierre Samuel, Graham Kindo, Arthur Shanbangu.

From Cape Town with care

If your business is within an hour’s drive of Cape Town, then you’re in the area serviced by the Kemtek Cape Town team – and that’s great news! From their Montague Gardens regional office, our Kemtek team provides sales, service and support to our customers in Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Paarl and Muizenberg – essentially the entire Cape Peninsula.

There’s been a Kemtek office in Cape Town since 1988, making it one of our longest-standing regional branches. The office moved to its current location in 2008, and the 20-person team is structured in such a way that almost everyone – from admin support staff to delivery drivers – are customer-facing.

Regional manager Pierre Samuel takes justifiable pride in the unique approach taken by the Cape Town team and the way everyone pulls together to do whatever it takes to get the job done. “It’s not my job” is not a phrase that is ever heard in this office.

Full-service offering

The Kemtek Cape Town office provides the full range of Kemtek services, and is known throughout the company for the warm welcome they provide to colleagues from other regions. They’re also famous for being exceptionally organised, especially when it comes to preparing for marketing events (when they’re ‘all hands on deck’ approach always pays dividends).

Coping with adversity and change

The pandemic has been a challenging time for all SA businesses, but the Kemtek Cape Town team has been personally impacted by COVID-19. By pulling together and always being there for each other, they’ve been able to work through these difficult times.

Adapting to the ‘new normal’ is the latest stage in the evolution of the Cape Town office. Finding opportunity in the changing business environment.

Meet the team(s)

Kemtek Cape Town has always operated as one team, but within that, there are specialists with the specific knowledge and experience to meet the needs of every customer. On the sales side, Keith Jones and Douglas Miller are the Auto ID and Ribbons specialists, with Pierre Driver handling Printing Equipment both locally and nationally, and Brent Hochfelden taking care of the Labelling offering.  

The sales team receives great support from the internal sales team consisting of Ashley Abrahams (Auto ID and Ribbons), Graham Kindo (Printing Equipment) and Shane Williams (Labelling).  

At the office, Tasneem Arendse makes sure all visitors receive a warm welcome, while George Nelson heads up the stores team. Customers in need of technical assistance are in the best of hands with the expertise provided by Nigel Carew and Llewellyn Willis for Printing Services, and Michael Jansen and Arthur Shubangu for Auto ID systems.

Perhaps appropriately for a region with so many great restaurants and places to eat, the Kemtek team enjoys a good meal when we meet. Indeed, many Kemtek customers have experienced this level of hospitality when visiting Montague Gardens.

The onsite showroom is another draw, as the team can offer live demonstrations of Brother machines and the latest Auto ID technology solutions.

To benefit from their expertise and commitment to customer service, contact the Kemtek Cape Town team, please call +27 (0)21 521 9600, email or visit

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