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Colour automation technology for labels & packaging

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HP Indigo’s breakthrough Spot Master colour automation technology boasts the industry’s fastest time to colour. It uses a patented algorithm for fast and accurate colour matching, enabling converters to reach brand colours within 5 minutes, with an accuracy of less than 2 delta E, and less than 3 metres of waste. Spot Master delivers consistent, uniform colour across the entire print frame and each label or package looks identical.


HP Indigo Spot Master colour automation technology allows label packaging professionals to get the colour they want fast and automatically inline. Its patented algorithm delivers location based, accurate spot colour matches in minutes – brand colour matches within 5 minutes!

Spot Master ensures that every label or package looks the same, from start to last, no matter when or where it is printed. Inline spot calibration using Continuous Color Calibartion (CCC) is achieved at press speed for impeccable colour consistency and uniform quality across the entire print frame.

With Spot Master, professionals can share their superior colour results with brands and customers. It provides an on the fly colour scorecard and colour performance reports, and allows real time insight of opportunities to colour correct.

The overall benefits of HP Indigo Spot Master’s patented colour automation technology are indisputable: it boosts print time, promises colour consistency and delivers an accuracy of less than 2 delta E, with less than 3 metres of waste. Spot Master Visual Match means instant visual adjust with no reRIP needed. Selected L.A.B. values are updated in the CE colour strategy.

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