Brother RuggedJet RJ-4250WB

A mobile wireless label & receipt printer

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The Brother RuggedJet RJ-4250WB is a rugged and reliable wireless mobile thermal printer that empowers workforces to print labels and receipts at any location. This robust printer is Windows compatible, and iOS and Android app integration ready. It is ideal for a wide range of applications including retail, transport & logistics, warehousing, field service and public services.


Boasting a portable robust design, the RJ-4250WB label and receipt printer features a wide range of connectivity options, is Windows compatible and ready to integrate with iOS and Android apps. Mobile Deploy maintains and updates the entire fleet of Brother mobile printers simultaneously at the touch of a button. A PA-BT-006 battery is included.

Increase efficiency for retailers with this lightweight, durable and easy to use mobile printer. Provide employees with a simple and accurate labelling and receipt solution, perfect for pricing, promotions and queue-busting to increase customer satisfaction.

Agents need to be equipped with a seamless solution to help streamline their workflow and minimise downtime. Mobility and integration are key, so agents have access to systems providing pricing, invoicing, inventory control, and customer information. The RJ-4250WB makes producing invoices onsite much easier.

Efficient warehousing operations and worker productivity are critical to the success of many companies. Using wireless connectivity, the RJ-4250WB mobile thermal printer provides the ability to print barcode labels on-demand, at the point of application. This saves time and reduces potential errors caused by mislabelling.

Whether there’s a need for receipts or smaller format labels, without a mobile print solution, handwritten documents are time consuming and prone to error. That’s why most businesses are empowering their workforce with mobile technology, allowing them to complete tasks on the move, professionally and on schedule.

Increase operational efficiency by allowing law enforcement officers and emergency staff to document and report incidents more accurately and efficiently, at the point of interaction. With its rugged design, fast print speed and reliable operation, the RJ-4250WB offers a competitive combination of performance and features.

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