HPRT label and photo printers: small (and portable and sustainable) is beautiful!

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HPRT label and photo printers: small (and portable and sustainable) is beautiful!

If the portability and mobility of cellular phone technology has long since liberated individuals and businesses from the fixed indoor wall outlet, why not all of our other devices?

For instance, what about label and photo printers? While the handheld label printer predates the digital era, today’s consumers seek connectivity, compactness and sleek, modern visual appeal that complements their other devices.

Much of the same applies to the portable photo printer, along with simplicity, smart software, resistant prints with vivid colour, and easy paper loading and unloading, for true on-the-go printing.

Added to these criteria, sustainability has become an increasingly important issue.

Kemtek has recently added HPRT label and photo printers to its consumer product portfolio that tick all these boxes.

HPRT H11 Powder Box Portable Label Printer

The HPRT H11 Powder Box is a compact portable label printer with an exquisite aesthetic design, in either pastel pink or glossy white. This is an ink-free thermal printer with Bluetooth connection for label printing anywhere, at any time. Simple to operate, with excellent print quality, it is a lightweight, seamless and portable label solution.

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HPRT MT53 Mini Photo Printer

With its advanced direct thermal ZINK zero-ink printing technology, the HPRT MT53 is a mini photo printer with impressive print speed. Its high-resolution printing capabilities deliver sharp, detailed photo prints, while its pocket-sized portability makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go printing. Connectivity is stable and convenient, thanks to the MT53’s built-in Bluetooth technology. It also has a USB interface, and uses  Android and IOS software.

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HPRT CP 4000L Compact Photo Printer

Boasting thermal dye sublimation technology, the HPRT CP4000L compact photo printer delivers professional-grade, durable prints in high-resolution with vivid colour. Its advanced “HeyPhoto” app, intuitive controls and versatility provide a seamless print experience for home and professional use. Equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, the CP4000L supports wireless transmission and printing, as well as supporting USB connection to print.

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A sustainable trio of products

All three of these HPRT products feature sustainable ink-free printing technologies. 

For more details about this exciting new range of HPRT consumer label & photo printers, contact Nyambeni Khonzani on +27 71 755 5735 or email her at nyambenik@kemtek.co.za