Scodix Rainbow

A digital inkjet glittering station

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The Scodix Rainbow is the world’s first in-house digital inkjet glittering station that works together with the Scodix S Series digital enhancement presses to produce the Scodix Digital-Glittering experience.



A special type of PolySENSE made by Scodix is applied to either paper, PVC, laminated materials and more, followed by a standard glittering powder waterfall. Using the Scodix SENSE revolutionary printing process, the Scodix Rainbow station transforms a print product into a magical wonderland.

Customers and designers can enjoy the sight of the Scodix rainbow even before the print is made by viewing it online using Scodix SPARK, a dedicated Web technology for Digital-Glittering preview.

Rainbow gives you opportunities in any number of applications, including photo albums, greeting cards, packaging, kid’s game boxes, premium promotional items, business and gift cards, book covers, school materials and many more.

In-house, environmentally friendly, with no VOC emissions, plates, molds, or chemicals, the Scodix Rainbow is an eco-friendly station.

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