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The SATO FX3-LX provides effortless label printing for complex operations. Featuring 7-inch TFT full colour touch screen with the familiar, intuitive feel of a smartphone or tablet, this is a flexible, next-generation label printer suitable for a wide range of industries, including food, retail, manufacturing and logistics. The award-winning SATO FX3-LX is designed to seamlessly adapt to business. The FX3-LX is also compatible with SATO Linerless Labels.*


The 305 dpi, 3-inch print width complies with the latest food regulations and has capacity for new applications. In addition, label usage tracking is also a feature, allowing the user to verify whether food safety procedures are being adhered to.

Peace of mind with food-safe features. Automatically calculates and prints best before and use-by dates, allergens and secondary shelf life compliance information for individual products and ingredients. Easy-clean, anti-bacterial casing; splash proof; slip resistant; option to wall mount; can be operated with gloves; video and audio training feature.

The FX3-LX automatically calculates sales tax and price discounts to avoid human error. The device keeps track of discounted items and allows corrective actions to be taken. The printer is also suited for printing of shelf-edge labels and promotional messages for all stores.

The multi-functional nature of FX3-LX makes it perfectly suited to manufacturing and logistics environments. Accurate data can be accessed in multiple sites from up-to-date, portable database, allowing operators to label items correctly such as Put-away labeling, raw material labelling and returns labelling.

FX3-LX’s Application Enabled Printing (AEP) Platform allows the device to be used as a PC-less, online or standalone printer. The device is also compatible with SOS, a cloud-based proactive maintenance solution that provides prompt support and eliminates operational downtime. Easy database update via USB/LAN/WAN.

Interfaces supported are USB Model, USB & LAN, and optional WLAN/Bluetooth Kit with a built-in speaker. Further optional accessories include Lithium-ion battery, battery mount, cradle kit, cutter kit and battery pack.

SATO linerless labels offer a number of significant advantages for customers. They provide more labels per rolls than regular lined labels as well as playing a positive role in other business operations. These benefits include lower waste disposal costs (50% of the weight of standard label rolls is simply discarded), savings on labour and transport plus increased efficiency, all of which result in lower cost of ownership, while lowering carbon footprints.

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