Epson SC-R5010L

A resin ink LF printer – bulk ink solution

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The SureColor SC-R5010L offers accurate, colour consistent, fast-drying and scratch-resistant prints, on a wide range of substrates, using resin ink. The SC-R5010L uses three Epson print technologies: halftoning, fully optimised lookup tables (LUT), and Micro Weave – that all contribute to reduce graininess and banding. Fully controlled heating and curing technology, combined with long-life PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads, provide reliable colour consistency across the entire length of the print run.


Resin ink: Water-based and odourless for use in sensitive environments; Bulk ink solution: 1.5-litre ink pouches; 4.3-inch LCD touch screen: Simple, intuitive printer operation and status checks; Portfolio expansion: Banners, wallcoverings, vinyl, film and textiles; The complete Epson solution: Including printheads, ink and software.

With the SC-R5010L, you can expand from traditional signage applications to a broad portfolio of banners, wallcoverings, vinyl, film and textiles. The Advanced Auto Tension Control ensures highly accurate media feeding, resulting in exceptional tiling. This consistent repeatability provides seamless results while also saving on material wastage and installation time.

The innovative ultrasonic detector reduces the risk of printhead failure, while the NVT (nozzle verification technology) automatically compensates should any nozzle become blocked. User replaceable printheads continue to maximize production time, as these can easily be replaced – with no special tools – within 60 minutes. Plus, the SC -R5010L model includes a bulk-ink solution, supported by a ‘hot-swap’ function.

High image quality is achieved by three Epson technologies – Halftoning, fully optimized LUT and Micro Weave – reducing graininess and banding. Fully controlled heating and curing technology, combined with the long-life PrecisionCore printhead, provide reliable colour consistency across the entire print run. This avoids the need for reprints due to mismatched colours.

Starting a printing job and monitoring progress is simple, thanks to a user-friendly 4.3-inch touch panel screen. The screen provides intuitive operation, and a signal lamp for easy status checks. Epson Production Monitor is one of the services offered on Epson Cloud Solutions PORT, which is a Cloud-based system, and enables the monitoring of equipment across several sites, or several printers on one site, to assist production control.

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