Brother Consumables: TZe Fluorescent Tapes

Fluorescent label tapes for P-touch label printers

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Perfect for creating labels that grab attention, Brother fluorescent TZe orange and yellow tapes are ideal for displaying important information, creating warning signs or categorizing specialist equipment. Using the fluorescent tapes ensures that important items can be quickly identified in any emergency situation.


These bright, fluorescent Brother tapes are perfect for identifying equipment and machinery to enhance workplace safety and visibility. Compatible with the P-touch range of label printers, they are designed to be durable and withstand even the toughest conditions.

Brother fluorescent TZe tapes come in highly visible black on bright yellow or orange – colours instantly identified with safety. They are available in 12mm and 24mm tape cassettes.

Brother TZe label tapes incorporate a layer of super-clear polyethylene laminate to provide lasting protection. Their strong adhesive is ideal for the most demanding environments, with 50% more strength to stay put.

Brother’s strong adhesive tapes meet the Underwriters Laboratories UL-969 standards - this is not always the case for other brands. For the best independently-tested results, always use genuine Brother TZe tapes with Brother P-touch label printers.

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