The RS36 Enterprise-Class Mobile Computer: How CipherLab Improved on a Success Story

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The RS36 Enterprise-Class Mobile Computer: How CipherLab Improved on a Success Story

Product designers are sometimes faced with the difficult, and often unenviable task of improving on a notably proven success. This is especially true when the new product’s predecessor excels in not just one or two areas, but in multiple ways.

CipherLab’s design team took up this challenge, determined to upgrade and outdo their own device’s multiple skillsets, versatility, functionality and performance across the board.

To find out whether they have succeeded, read on.

Watch this short informative video:

CipherLab RS36 Mobile Computer: Upgrade your workspace with enterprise class!

Mission Accomplished: The CipherLab RS36

The enterprise-class CipherLab RS36 replaces the highly successful RS35, receiving a versatile and intuitive upgrade via a new advanced scan engine option and expanded functionality. The enhanced durable touch computing system further boosts operator efficiency, while the operating system provides unmatched versatility and simplicity to minimise onboarding time. In addition, the user experience has been improved to maximise productivity. All of this at a competitive price with built-in cost-efficiency.

Multi-talented for many markets

The RS36 thrives across an impressive variety of verticals, markets and  applications:

In retail & e-commerce, the RS36 streamlines every task from retail inventory, customer service, bar code scanning, point-of-sale operations and data capture, to e-commerce mobile computing and online orders. For transportation & logistics, its rugged mobile computing delivers on transportation data management, fleet management technology, delivery & package tracking and route optimization, as well as real-time comms between drivers and dispatchers. In the education sector, the RS36 smooths student records management, school inventory and campus security, in addition to its digital learning tools. Hospitality & tourism are served by hospitality mobile computing, guest service technology, bookings management, tourism data management, inventory systems and travel automation. And for utilities & energy, the RS36 offers energy sector technology, rugged field data collection and infrastructure management tools via its durable utilities mobile computing.

Enhanced features, versatility and functionality

Affordable and cost-efficient, the RS36 is packed with enhanced features for unmatched efficiency, versatility and functionality:

Flexible data capture, one-handed operation

The versatile reader includes 1D and 2D barcode scanning, HF RFID, and contactless NFC applications. With both standard and advanced range scanning, users can scan bar codes near and far. Comfortable one-handed operation reduces user fatigue and increasing productivity during prolonged use.

Seamless connection indoors & out

The RS36 empowers mobile workers with seamless Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and built-in Bluetooth 5.1 for faster, more reliable network connections. Its 2×2 Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology provides low latency and improves speed, efficiency, and security even in dense environments with multiple connected devices.

Sunlight display & rugged design protection  

Designed for maximum functionality in any environment, the RS36 interface has a large 5.5”HD+ IPS sunlight readable display and a panel that can be used with gloved fingers or a stylus. The rugged design can withstand repeated drops from a 1.5m height (1.8m with rubber boot) onto concrete surfaces, undamaged, with IP65 and IP68 water/dust resistance.

Fast capture: 16 MP & 5 MP cameras

The 16 MP phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) colour rear camera quickly captures high-res images for excellent image documentation, ideal for proof of delivery and condition, onsite technical support, and more. The 5 MP front camera enables users to communicate in a video for improved service and productivity.

Dependable performance in demanding operations

The Qualcomm octa-core 2GHz CPU ensures exceptional speed, smoother application performance, and reduced battery consumption. The device is also Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) and Google Mobile Services (GMS) verified, allowing use of Google applications.

Plenty of memory, powerful hot-swap batteries

With 4GB/64GB memory, there’s plenty of space for data storage and efficient handling of different workloads. Workers can enjoy longer operation time with its standard 4000 mAh batteries and extended 6000 mAh batteries. With the hot-swap function, a fully-charged battery can be swapped in without turning off the device or exiting current apps.

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