CipherLab RK26 Rugged Mobile Computer: How Productivity and Efficiency Translate into Return on Investment.

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CipherLab RK26 Rugged Mobile Computer: How Productivity and Efficiency Translate into Return on Investment.

Auto ID and data capture equipment has come a long way in a fairly short time, and today’s devices are marvels of multi-tasking technology. Feature-packed, they allow users to complete any number of tasks quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and money.

But even in a very crowded market, some products stand out from the rest.  

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CipherLab RK26 Mobile Computer: The key to workplace efficiency!

CipherLab RK26: ticking more boxes for ROI

With a wealth of user-friendly features, advanced capabilities, strong wireless connectivity, and versatile data capture functionality, the rugged CipherLab RK26 mobile computer ensures reliable performance, improved workflow and increased productivity. Moreover, its robust and durable design makes it ideal for both indoor duty and more challenging outdoor tasks.

In combination, all of these attributes allow the RK26 to quickly prove its worth and value in the workspace, day in and day out, to recoup any business’s investments, as soon as possible.

Multiple markets and verticals

The sheer versatility of the CipherLab RK26 means that it thrives in a wide variety of workplaces and environments.

Retailing tasks are processed with ease by the RK26, including inventory management, barcode scanning, point-of-sale systems, and its specialised retail technology. Warehousing and logistics duties are delivered via warehouse automation, logistics mobile computing, rugged handheld device design, supply chain management and inventory tracking. In healthcare, the RK26 takes care of patient data management, medical barcode scanning, hospital inventory, and specialised healthcare technology. In field service operations, the rugged and durable design thrives indoors and out, with field data capture, service technician tools and mobile workforce management. And in manufacturing, the RK26 covers production line tracking, rugged handheld scanning, industrial data capture and manufacturing automation.

A wealth of features and benefits

Packed with state-of-the-art features, the RK26 boosts efficiency and productivity on multiple levels.

Multi-touch screen, responsive keys, fatigue reduced

The RK26 comes with a large 4-inch multi-touch screen with auto-adjustable backlighting and 500-nit brightness for optimal readability. With high-feedback buttons for faster typing, the compact, ergonomic design reduces fatigue and allows comfortable one-handed operation.

Seamless data and image capture

The CipherLab RK26 offers reader engine options (standard, mid, and advanced) for versatile selection, and captures data from over 12.2m away. With a 16MP PDAF rear camera, it takes clear images with quick focus.

Wi-Fi 6, enhanced networking and robust design

The RK26 boasts advanced wireless connectivity for an enhanced networking experience. Featuring Wi-Fi 6, it ensures faster, more reliable connections with security and low latency. With an IP65 rating and up to 1.8m impact resistance, it excels at both indoor and outdoor tasks.

Maximising inventory management efficiency

The RK26 extends its UHF RFID capability through the UHF RFID reader attachment. The read and write functions enhance inventory management efficiently and cost-effectively.

Powerful performance, long battery life

Powered by a Qualcomm octa-core 2 GHz processor, the RK26 delivers impressive speed, with seamless app performance and web browsing. With its replaceable and rechargeable 4000mAh battery, the RK26 ensures long operating times without frequent recharging.

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