Don’t follow the herd through the grapevine


Don’t follow the herd through the grapevine

Disrupting wine labelling conventions.

With over 7 000 wineries in the USA, retail shelf space is at a premium – especially when you consider that the ‘Big 7’ take up some 80% of what’s available. Innovative producer La Catrina was convinced that wine-buying could be made more enjoyable and less intimidating for consumers, and that packaging was the key to achieving this.

La Catrina commissioned a local artist to create bottle artwork inspired by Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ festivities – a very eye-catching (and collectable) departure from the square, paper labels found on most wine bottles.

The shrink-wrap packaging was then produced using a HP WS6600 digital press for cost-effective production, zero errors and minimal start-up times. All six designs could be created on the same press with no downtime between switching from one design to the other.

Having proved the concept – and achieved stellar sales – La Catrina subsequently rolled out this approach across more of their wine lines. The customisation aspect came to the fore when they invited wine drinkers to submit their own bottle designs, and then vote for the most popular to be used on La Catrina wines.

The flexibility of digital printing enabled them to switch easily between designs according to sales data showing which were the most popular, or which had sold out.

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