Brushing up on personalised packaging


Brushing up on personalised packaging

Toothpaste is a product we all use every day, but Colgate were determined to make their customers’ bathrooms a little more colourful by letting them design their own tubes of toothpaste. The idea underpinning this campaign (which cleverly integrated packaging and social media for a more immersive consumer experience) was that no two people are the same.

Therefore, no two tubes of toothpaste should be the same. Colgate achieved this by turning to HP’s revolutionary Mosaic software, which has the capacity to create millions of variations on seed patterns. These seed patterns were designed to reflect the flavours of Colgate toothpaste, and the unique experience of using the different varieties.

Online, consumers could create their own tube designs and further personalise them with text messages. Meanwhile, unique ID numbers were printed on tubes – by collecting these, consumers would not only enjoy cleaner teeth, but could also win uniquely patterned prizes.

This campaign was extended to include children’s toothpastes, linked to the idea that every child is One of a Kind. Moms could post Colgate selfies on social media with their kids to win personalised prizes, again in unique patterns that no-one else would have.

This Colgate campaign showed how the most familiar products could be transformed thanks to the power of digital printing presses and software, and combined with online activities to reinvigorate brands that consumers had previously not always given too much thought to.

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