A learning curve in security printing


A learning curve in security printing

Book counterfeiting (especially of high-value educational books) is much more of an issue than many people realise. The complex supply chain also includes many opportunities for stock loss and theft. Both issues can cause significant losses to publishers and eat into what are already fine margins.

LSC Communications, the largest book manufacturer in North America, wanted to be able to prove the authenticity of each of their textbooks, and to be able to track each book from printer to classroom.

The answer came in the form of a unique serial number tag on each book. Known as IntercepTag, these numbers were created using the HP Link serialisation solution. This technology has enabled Brady (the converter) to print some 20 million unique labels on their HP Indigo WS6800 digital printing press for four of LSC Communications’ publishing customers.

This means that every single one of these textbooks can be instantly identified and verified, so that these valuable assets are much less likely to be either forged or lost.

The high-quality printing capabilities of HP Indigo digital presses brought the capabilities of HP Link to life, and have allowed LSC Communications to offer greatly enhanced product security to their customers, which include major educational publishing houses Pearson and Dover, and empower them to defeat would-be counterfeiters and ensure the authenticity of every textbook on every desk in every school.

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