Supplying resellers from our ribbon slitting plant

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Supplying resellers from our ribbon slitting plant

A ribbon for every reason

Since the establishment of the Kemtek ribbon plant, we’ve built up an excellent network of international wide ribbon stock suppliers including ITW, Ricoh, Todaytec and Zhuoli. This enables us to deliver TTR solutions at cost-effective prices, in almost any size and format required. This removes the need for our customers to import ribbons to meet their needs.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key TTR products on offer from the Kemtek ribbon plant.

ITW D321 Textile Resin

Ideally suited to care label applications, this resin flat head thermal transfer ribbon offers enduring legibility through multiple domestic and commercial garment cleaning processes, and supports high-resolution images and bar codes for optimum information capture. It is also suitable for warehouse and industrial applications, and other demanding environments. Learn more: ITW D321 Textile Resin | Kemtek

ITW B325 Premium Durable Resin

In demanding conditions, this is the TTR you need. It can be used with a wide range of substrates, and its properties make it suitable for use with almost any thermal transfer print heads. This resin TTR features Printhead Saver technology for lower overall production costs and longer printhead lifespans. Learn more: ITW B325 Premium Durable Resin | Kemtek

ITW B220 High-sensitivity Premium Wax

Choose this TTR from the Kemtek ribbon slitting plant for best results on the widest possible range of substrates. Ideally suited for lower energy level scenarios, it offers superior definition and density for eye-catching, easy to read (or easy to scan) labels. This wax TTR offers enhanced flexibility – learn more here: ITW B220 High-sensitivity Premium Wax | Kemtek

ITW B324 Premium Resin

This TTR can resist almost anything you can throw at it, including solvents, and is highly resistant to abrasion. This makes it one of ITW’s most durable premium resin ribbons, and it is ideally matched with polyester labels and other plastic substrates. Discover it here:

ITW B121 Premium Wax Resin

Where performance meets optimum price point, you’ll find this thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) from ITW. This wax resin flat head ribbon is best matched with uncoated and coated papers, card, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC substrates and offers excellent value for money across a wide range of uses. Learn more: ITW B121 Premium Wax Resin | Kemtek

ITW B128 Premium Wax/Resin

A durable wax/resin TTR that offers excellent printability and resists abrasion and environmental factors. It is FDA-approved for direct food contact, which significantly broadens its range of potential applications. Explore more: ITW B128 Premium Wax/Resin | Kemtek

ITW P110

When speed is of the essence, this is the thermal transfer ribbon you need. ITW P110 is a high-speed, near-edge wax resin ribbon that consistently delivers optimum performance, flexibility and ease of use. It works especially well in applications such as flexi packaging, fresh produce and food packaging. It can also contribute to reduced operational costs, thanks to its anti-static PrintheadSaver coating. Learn more:

ITW B112

A near-edge, flexible wax resin thermal ribbon that’s specially designed to work with near-edge printers in high-volume labelling applications. This thermal transfer ribbon has gained a well-deserved reputation for flexibility, and has been a go-to product in the labelling industry for over 20 years. It is one of the most versatile ribbons on the market, with properties that suit it to a very wide range of applications. Learn more:

Ricoh D110A Super Premium

A resin flat-head thermal ribbon for the garment industry, this product can be used to print on many popular fabrics, including nylon, polyester and acetates. Images printed using this ribbon have a proven resistance to laundry and ironing processes, even after repeated exposure to heat and detergent. The resilience of this ribbon extends to being able to withstand water washing, dry cleaning, stonewash, bleach and UV light. Available in red and blue, and can be store for up to 2 years after slitting.

Todaytec TDM238

Benefit from the excellent scratch resistance of this superior enhanced wax-resin ribbon. Compatible with a very broad range of substrates, it also has a very wide temperature tolerance, making it suitable for frozen food applications and use in high-temperature sterilisation scenarios. Discover it here:

Todaytec TDW121

A sustainable TTR option thanks to its low energy print consumption, this premium enhanced wax ribbon delivers excellent print quality with a lower environmental footprint. Recommended applications include logistics, pharmaceuticals, clothing tags and nursery gardens and flowers. Discover it here:

Zhuoli AZ908 – General Purpose Wax

For performance at an extremely cost-effective price, this is the ribbon you’ve been looking for. Highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of substrates, it is primarily intended for use in bar code labelling and tag printing. This wax thermal transfer ribbon offers excellent results on both coated and uncoated materials, making it an excellent choice in the contemporary thermal transfer landscape. Learn more:

Zhuoli AZL100

This hot stamping foil delivers excellent performance across multiple substrates while enabling low-energy high-speed printing for enhanced productivity and cost-effective printing. Designed for product marking using coding devices, it is ideal for indicating vital information such as dates, lot numbers and pricing. Learn more:

Zhuoli AZ101R Red Premium Wax

This wax thermal ribbon offers an excellent combination of characteristics, including mechanical resistance, high resolution and sensitivity, making it ideal for printing fine lines and characters in very small fonts. It can resist both smearing and abrasion and works well on paper and cardboard, as well as synthetic substrates. Its unmistakable bright red colour makes it a great choice for conveying important information. Learn more:

Zhuoli AZ101B Blue Premium Wax

Exhibiting similar characteristics to its red counterpart, this wax thermal ribbon shares a high degree of sensitivity, thereby contributing to longer printhead lifespans. Compatible with near-edge printers, it excels as a means of identifying and differentiating products and can be used for high-speed, high-quality printing with accurate colour registration. Learn more:

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