Zortrax M300 Plus

A large volume Wi-Fi 3D printer

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Featuring wireless connectivity, the ZortraxM300 Plus is a large volume desktop 3D printer designed to work in huge 3D printing farms as a reliable basic production unit. It is a development of the award-winning M300 Series printers.


The Zortrax M300 Plus offers one the largest workspaces on the desktop 3D printing market. This 300 x 300 x 300 mm workspace means that big models can be printed in one go.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity enables multiple Zortrax M300 printers to be connected into large networks. A USB storage device can also be used to load models directly to each printer.

The M300 Plus automatically switches to pause mode when it runs out of filament.

Flex-type materials can now be 3D printed thanks to a redesigned extruder and new nozzle geometry.

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