Zortrax M300 Dual

An industrial-class desktop 3D printer

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The advanced, feature-packed ZortraxM300 Dual brings industrial-class, fail-safe 3D printing to your desktop. Ideal for a range of build-platforms, it offers large volume dual extrusion, advanced filament control, third-party filaments support and extensive connectivity. This versatile model is suitable for multiple industries and applications, including architecture, automotive, aerospace and bridge manufacture, as well as medium- and small-scale production.


With a large 265x265x300mm build volume, the M300 Dual can print simultaneously with both base and water-soluble support filaments. It’s therefore capable of printing the large models required by industries such as aerospace, automotive and architecture.

To safeguard against power outages, the M300 Dual has a Blackout Response System. This relies on built-in capacitors that always store energy to keep the printer going until the print is paused and the printhead position is saved. Normal operation resumes when power returns.

The M300 Dual can detect when the filament runs out or is jammed. The printer then pauses and sends a notice to the operator. Work resumes from the same spot once the problem is solved.

A capacitive displacement sensor automatically calibrates for working with glass, perforated and other build platforms, making it possible to customize printing for each particular job.

Because professional users often need special-purpose filaments, the M300 Dual can work with all third-party 1.75mm filaments available on spools, with no adverse effects.

Able to work in large, remotely controlled clusters, multiple M300 Dual printers can be connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks. These 3D printing farms can be used for bridge manufacturing or small to medium scale production.

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