Zortrax Inkspire

A resin UV LCD 3D printer

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The Zortrax Inspire is a resin UV LCD 3D printer that is up to 8 times faster and 9 times more precise than leading SLA 3D printers. The Inkspire’s resin 3D technology is game changing for professions where small and incredibly detailed models are needed.


The Zortrax Inkspire can 3D print objects as small as a cuboid measuring 50 x 50 x 25 microns. This microscopic precision makes it ideal for dentistry, jewellery and watchmaking professionals, among others. It can print models with no visible layering or vertical lines.

Regardless of how much of the workspace is filled, the Inkspire maintains a constant speed of 20-36 mm/h. With one printer making 50 to 80 parts in 51 minutes, 30 printers working in unison can produce between 650 000 to 1 million parts monthly.

Z-SUITE, a dedicated slicing and 3D printing farm management software, comes free with Inkspire 3D printers. Settings such as time of layer’s exposure or rest between layers can be changed on the fly. Time of exposure to UV light for the model and support structures can also be set independently.

Inkspire supports all available resins that can be cured by light with 405 nm wavelengths. Available Zortrax resins are PRO, FLEXIBLE, DENTAL MODEL and BASIC.

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