Wiiboox Two FDM 3D Printer

A high precision large print size 3D printer

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The Wiiboox Two FDM is a high precision 3D printer with a large print size capability. It features a sixth generation extruder driven by a high-precision step motor designed to neither drag nor plug, and was designed with user-safety as a high priority.


A core part of any 3D printer, the Wiiboox Two FDM’s sixth generation extruder is capable of reaching 0.06mm print precision. The extruder has a copper nozzle and is driven by a step motor.

Great attention has been paid to user-safety. The Wiiboox Two FDM has a 0.08mm air filtration system combined with a fully enclosed fuselage to protect operators from small particles produced during the printing process.

The Wiiboox Two FDM has a print size of 30 x 26 x 26cm (HLW). It features a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen that gives corresponding feedback when touched by fingertips for user interactions.

Filament compatibilities are ABS, PLA, TPU and wood. Whether the filament breaks normally or accidentally, the printer will pause and alert the user via the filament alarm.

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