Wiiboox Company 2 FDM 3D

A high precision large print size 3D printer

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The Wiiboox Company 2 FDM is a 3D printer with 0.05mm print precision and a larger print size capability than its predecessor.* The dual nozzle Company 2 FDM boasts a simpler design with fewer components and Auto Build Plate Levelling.


The Wiiboox Company 2 FDM has a new plate metal integrated structure, with a solid, simpler design and fewer components for higher print precision with added stability and durability.

The Company 2 FDM’s new, more stable structure allows for an increase of 43.9% in printing size over the preceding Company model: 30 x 27 x 28cm (HLW).

The Wiiboox Company 2 FDM’s sixth generation extruder was developed to neither drag nor plug and is now capable of reaching 0.05mm print precision.

User safety remains a top priority for the Company 2. It has a 0.08mm air filtration system combined with a fully enclosed fuselage to protect operators from small particles produced during the printing process.

At the touch of the auto-level button, the built-in balance calculation starts immediately. The Company 2 will level itself automatically with three adjustable points on the build plate.

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