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The widcnc R200K by widinovations is designed to respond effectively to the needs of the demanding professional market. The robustness and precision of construction, as well as its high precision travel systems coupled with the servo motors, provide unmatched cutting quality. Equipped with mist cooling, linear rail lubrication, 8 electrically operated vacuum zones, tool sensor, as well as an optional automatic tool change system, the R200K also incorporate an optical reading system.


The R200K allows the automated processing of various materials at a travel speed of 50 m/min, with the optional automatic 4-unit tool change available standard on the R200K ATC model. Its intuitive software with powerful tools is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The R200K has been developed to be precise, robust, reliable and technologically advanced equipment. The robust and precise construction, as well as high precision travel systems, provide unmatched cutting quality.

The widcnc R200K also incorporates an optical reading system for positioning and cutting recognition to allow you to cut printed materials with extreme precision.

With a work area of 2050 x 3050mm, and height z axis of up to 200mm, the R200K features a tubular chassis with anti-corrosion and stress treatment with a Z axis in aluminium with anti-corrosion treatment.

The widcnc R200K comes equipped with all the elements needed for a great job, such as mist cooling, linear rail lubrication, 8 electrically operated vacuum zones, and tool sensor.

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