Scodix E106

A digital enhancement press

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The Scodix E106 enhancement press delivers superior enhancement solutions for printers in the packaging industry. With new and innovative capabilities, it provides viable, profit-generating opportunities for the folding carton market.


Uniquely designed in B1 (1060x760mm) format for ultra-fast production (up to 4,000 SPH), the press supports exceptional short to medium run lengths not yet achieved in the printing industry.

A key component, the proprietary UV-cured polymer ink cures to optical clarity. It can lay down a very thick coating, up to 250 microns per pass, with variable thickness to give textures. Multiple passes can build up the thickness even further and can apply effects over foil.

Spot, traditional high gloss UV varnish; Sense, raised and textured spot varnish; Foil, dieless cold foil application; Metallic, spot varnish on Deprosa’s Soft Touch matt metallic laminate; Crystal, multiple passes simulating glue-on gems; VDP/VDE, variable data printing/enhancement; Braille; Cast & Cure, diffraction; and Glitter, glitter particles applied pre-cure.

A cold foiling unit built by Compact Foilers is standard. This brings foil into contact with the tacky polymer where it adheres before full curing.

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