Rebo SMS-R1

An industrial multi-colour label & sign printer

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The Rebo SMS-R1 is a high speed, easy to use label and sign printer that incorporates a wealth of time and money saving features. Capable of printing up to 14 different colours and cutting different shapes, the versatility of the R1 makes it a cost saving production tool and an on-demand solution. Network and USB connected, it also offers unmatched ribbon savings of up to 90%.


The 14-colour R1 printer can produce one, multiples of one or even multiples of varied sizes of coloured labels or signs in one fast process, and can print up to 10 metres of mixed label designs. Its unique and independent driver also means that operators can use their own preferred software to create designs, or use Rebo’s recommended software.

The SMS-R1’s animated colour touchscreen gives clear user prompts via concise graphics – all from the R1 itself and not confined to the screen of the PC driving the system. Clear colour-change prompts guarantee minimised wastage. The dust-free design keeps production within the unit to stop contamination of material and printhead – preventing print-out failure and needless waste.

Auto-Feed technology is designed to let users load the tape rolls with ease. When the tape is loaded inside the R1, it will automatically detect it and run through to the start position of the print job. Ribbon cassettes slide conveniently into the side of the R1, and are automatically ejected – no clumsy lids to open and close.

The R1’s Ribbon Saving technology senses when ribbon isn’t required and will not feed in a print process for enhanced cost savings. The printer’s Automatic Tape & Ribbon recognition system will automatically detect which colour tape and/or ribbon is being loaded and how much material is left. It will not start printing if any of the required materials are not sufficient.

Rebo SMS-R1 is ideal for any number of applications including health & safety labels, machine plates, product ID labels, cable and wire marking, pipe marking, warehouse labels, control panel labels, maintenance & inspection labels and many more. It can also print on hi-viz materials as well as on metal detectable materials for the food and beverage industry.

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