With a maximum plate size of 1270 x 2030 mm (50 x 80 inches), the ThermoflexX80 is perfect for the large web community. It allows ambitious printers and trade shops to produce larger, high quality plates in the shortest possible time. To reduce waste, large amounts of jobs can be made together. This ultimate flexo plate imager delivers superior quality, handling and productivity.


  1. Top quality imaging, heavy-duty design

    The ThermoflexX 60 imager embodies the best of today’s digital imaging technology for superior quality output, thanks to its fibre laser in combination with a new generation optical system. Its heavy-duty industrial design and componentry guarantee accurate and consistent imaging by reducing fluctuation and vibration, even at high speeds.

  2. High productivity

    At a standard quality of 2540 dpi, productivity of up to 6 m2 / hr is achieved, and this can be doubled to 12 m2 / hr due to the imager’s Dual Head Imaging concept, which also offers a level of redundancy. The ThermoflexX 60 combines the optimum quality of its new imaging system with superior speed for higher productivity.

  3. Automatic loading & resolution switching

    Plates can be automatically loaded and unloaded at the touch of a button. Resolution changes are performed automatically in the background. Based on 3 lenses, the optical system uses the most suitable lens for each resolution, without compromising quality. Combining jobs with different resolutions on one plate avoids imposition mistakes while saving time.

  4. Automatic vacuum slider

    The automatic vacuum slider offers highly efficient plate operation, optimizing handling and manipulation, while avoiding accidental damage, and is unique to ThermoflexX imagers. By concentrating the vacuum beneath the plate, the need for taping and foil covering is eliminated while still allowing full speed imaging.

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