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A perfect fit for label and flexible packaging printers, the Xeikon ThermoflexX48 imager features a maximum plate size of 900 x 1200 mm (35 x 48 inches). This most versatile and highly productive imager allows printers to make their own plates independently, in the shortest possible time, and at realistic costs.


  1. Highest quality imaging, robust design

    The ThermoflexX 48’s fibre laser and new generation optical system represent the best of contemporary imaging technology for superior quality. Accurate and consistent imaging is guaranteed thanks to a heavy-duty design and componentry, which reduce fluctuation and vibration at high speeds.

  2. Ease of use

    Automatic loading and unloading of plates can be performed at the touch of a button. Even plates up to 6,35 mm thick can be seamlessly mounted on the drum due to an innovative guidance systems.

  3. Innovative screening

    Superb highlights with a smooth transition to 0% tint value can be achieved, thanks to new ThermoflexX screening technology. Solids and line-work retain excellent detail.

  4. Automatic calibration & vacuum slider

    The new generation optical system with standard auto-calibration system guarantees consistent, high quality imaging. Unique to ThermoflexX imagers, the automatic vacuum slider optimizes plate handling, avoiding accidental damage, and delivering efficient operation for partial plates.

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