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The highly productive Xeikon ThermoflexX30 imager has a maximum plate size of 635 x 762 mm (25 x 30 inches), making it ideal for the medium web segment. It allows ambitious label printers to independently and rapidly make plates in-house at realistic costs. The imager fits easily into available space, enhancing plate processing and digital workflow.


  1. High quality imaging, robust design

    The ThermoflexX 30’s fibre laser and new generation optical system represent the best of today’s imaging technology for superior quality. Accurate and consistent imaging is guaranteed thanks to a heavy-duty design and componentry, which reduce fluctuation and vibration at high speeds.

  2. High / multi resolution

    The imager features 5080 dpi resolution with smaller screen dots for finer detail, sharper text / line-work and full image contrast. In addition, the ThermoflexX 30 supports all 1 bit TIFF formats from any RIP at all standard resolutions: 2400, 2540, 4000, 4800 and 5080 dpi.

  3. Multiplate 4.0

    Amazing ease of use is provided thanks the new MultiPlate 4.0 interface’s look and feel. 1 bit TIFFs can arranged manually or automatically, and jobs of various resolutions can be combined.

  4. Convenient pedal clamping, vacuum slider

    The foot pedal operated clamping system allows for seamless plate loading. Unique to ThermoflexX imagers, the vacuum slider optimizes plate handling, avoiding accidental damage, and delivering efficient operation for partial plates.

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