With a plate size of 635 x 508 mm (25 x 20 inches), the Xeikon ThermoflexX20 fits perfectly into the medium web segment. Its compact size makes it ideal for independent label makers who want their own productive imager to make plates in the shortest time possible at realistic costs. An excellent choice for the tag, label and dry-offset markets.


  1. High quality imaging & heavy-duty design

    Boasting a new generation optical system and fibre laser, the ThermoflexX 20 employs today’s best imaging technology. The robust heavy-duty design and components reduce fluctuation and vibration, for accurate and consistent imaging quality.

  2. High resolution & quality standards

    Quality standards are pushed to higher levels with 5080 dpi resolution. These levels mean smaller screen dots for finer detail, sharper text and line-work, full image contrast, and greater stability throughout production.

  3. Vacuum slider

    Unique to ThermoflexX imagers, the vacuum slider optimizes plate handling, avoiding accidental damage, and delivering efficient operation for partial plates.

  4. Convenient clamping

    The foot pedal operated clamping system allows for seamless plate loading. The drum is automatically locked for efficient plate positioning while opening the clamps. Depending on the plate material, a choice of clamps is available.

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