The Vianord Evo 5 BP-FA is the batch version of the Vianord FA (Fully Automatic) series of plate processors. Incorporating Vianord’s advanced Easy to Plate system, this model also includes a fully automatic plate entrance section designed to receive plates directly from the Evo LED module or from a connecting bridge, depending on the model. It features highly advanced pre-wash, washout and “3D Brush Motion” systems and technologies.


  1. Plate entrance system

    The Evo 5 BP-FA’s side pin bar automatic charger stores up to 15 pin pars. The automatic punching system rolls up every time the sensor identifies an incoming plate, punching the plate and then returning until the next one arrives. Clamping of the punched plate on the pin bar is taken care of automatically.

  2. Washout section: pre-wash and brushes

    The digital washout section has a separate pre-wash section to prevent contamination of the main washout solvent with black layer. It boasts 2 pre-wash brushes, 22 oscillating and rotating washout brushes, a top cleaning brush, wiping brush and 2 rotating back cleaning brushes.

  3. Washout section: pump and solvent systems

    A volumetric pump and sensitive pressure sensor allow for a higher precision solid content analyzer. The solvent replenishment system is automatic, with fresh solvent consumption control over the machine life cycle, programmable over a time frame.

  4. “3D Brush Motion” system

    The “3D Brush Motion” system with servo drive motors enables a soft mechanical start, resulting in less vibration and quieter operation at a constant, repeatable washout speed. The system is adjustable from the display, automatically synchronizing the brush rotation and oscillation to the plate transfer speed.

  5. Further features

    The Evo 5 BP-FA also features a 30 x 30cm rotating and tilting touchscreen display, programmable automatic solvent warmup, automatic standby, optional remote access, active in-process component visualization and plate process memorization (up to 24 channels).

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