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The Evo 3A from Vianord Engineering is a digital plate processor and the first of its kind and size. This single pass, all-in-one processing system comes equipped with a sperate pre-wash section for digital plates with black (LAMS) layer, and processes plates up to 90 x 120cm and up to 7mm thick.


  1. Exposure section

    The Evo 3A’s water circulation cooling bed system keeps a uniform and constant temperature without any exposure time limit. It has a vacuum system for analogic plate exposure, a probe for temperature control and a high concentration of UVA lamps reaching emissions of about 30mw/cm2. It also features a light integrator, lamp cooling by airflow with temperature control and optical fibre lamp control.

  2. Washout section

    The washout section has a tilting plate support for user-friendly plate loading and unloading. Digital washout with a separate pre-wash section prevents contamination of the main washout solvent. Washout is an inline section with front plate entrance and exit. Brushes are double-movement, allowing for extremely fast washout – from 5 to 10 minutes depending on plate thickness. Solvent replenishment is automatic with a fresh solvent flow regulation option on the touchscreen.

  3. Dryer section & light finishing system

    The dryer section has 4 sealed drawers to prevent fume leakage. An efficient hot air generation and circulation system ensures that drying temperatures are reached in reduced time. It has an automatic pre-heat system and an air suction system designed to further aid rapid plate drying. The light finishing section features auto-combined UVA-UVC post exposure (simultaneous/consecutive/delayed) with an airflow cooling system and optical fibre lamp control.

  4. Further features

    The Evo 3A incorporates programmable automatic solvent and dryer warm-up, automatic standby after the last plate processed, active component visualization in-process, manual function to run components separately, and memorization of plate process parameters (up to 24 channels).

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