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The Vianord Evo 2 Letter Press is a processor / washer for water washable digital plates. This is an all-in-one unit with a separate pre-wash section for digital plates up to 66 x 32cm in size and 7mm in thickness. Due to its reduced overall dimensions, the Evo 2LP is ideal for restricted spaces typical of narrow-web and label making operations.


  1. Exposure section

    The exposure section of the Evo LP2 features a vacuum system for analogic plate exposure and a high concentration of UVA lamps reaching emissions of about 30mw/cm2. It also has lamp cooling by airflow with temperature control and optical fibre lamp control.

  2. Washout section

    The Evo 2LP uses digital washout with a separate pre-wash section to prevent contamination of the main washout solvent. The servo drive motor advance system enables constant and repeatable washout speeds. The section also has a self-adhesive or magnetic plate holder for all plate types and an integrated vapour and condensation exhaust system, while the water tank is temperature controlled and programmable.

  3. Dryer section & light finishing section

    The machine has an inline dryer after the washout section, with drying temperatures being reached in a greatly reduced time thanks to hot air generation and circulation. The pre-heat system is automatic while the air suction system design also ensures faster drying. The light finishing section is inline UVA post exposure, with an airflow cooling system and optical fibre lamp control.

  4. Further features

    The Evo 2LP also incorporates automatic standby after the last plate processed, active component visualization in-process, manual function to run components separately, and memorization of plate process parameters (up to 24 channels).

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