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These compact scanning devices revolutionize automatic measurements of densities and dot gains on any print control strip, colour wedge or test chart. Operation is easy: the ergonomically designed instrument fits securely in your hand. Quickly glide it over the print test strip. Tracking wheels on the bottom of the device ensure a straight run.


  1. Two models

    Two different models are available: The scan-densitometer RS 400 finds its application preferably in 4-colour printing and the scan-spectrometer RS 800 is especially designed for measuring spot colours thanks to its high-resolution spectral engine.

  2. Windows software

    The Windows software TECHKON ExPresso takes the measurement values and displays the ink-zone specific densitiy values at a glance on a computer screen. This permits fast and precise control of printing presses, thus enabling shorter set-up times, less paper waste and high print quality.

  3. Large formats

    On large-format print sheets, the device can be guided along a guiding track. This is now available in a motorized version as well. The linear track LT can be placed on any table without mounting, thus facilitating system installation even more.

  4. Unlimited press sizes

    There is no limitation in type or size of printing presses.

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