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With Workflow XMF you can maximise your capacity and resources, increasing efficiency by handling late changes to content, media or press type with minimum impact on production time and cost.


  1. Make late changes simply

    Making late changes from one format or type of press to another is as simple as a single mouse click, with imposition and other finishing-related specifications updated on-the-fly.

  2. JDF by design

    XMF isn’t just built on JDF, it is JDF. This gives XMF great flexibility in reacting to changes or re- targeting jobs from offset to digital or vice-versa. And because it uses Adobe’s PDF Print Engine, it is possible to achieve huge increases in RIPping speed and output performance.

  3. Intelligent automation

    Not only does XMF apply intelligent automation at the end of the prepress process when it allocates jobs to different presses, it applies it at the job input and pre-flighting stage too.

  4. Imposition inside

    XMF incorporates a fully integrated FUJIFILM imposition engine, avoiding the bottleneck imposed by workflow solutions that rely on external applications.

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