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The Sibress Flexo Control is the most cost-effective device to control your flexoplate production, and the only portable flexo analyser on the market with an ISO calibration target. Positioning is easy with the “bulls eye”, and the separate “Lighthouse” helps to measure anywhere on the plate. The Flexo Control is officially recommended by the German DFTA organization.


  1. Unique features

    Automatically analyses all printing dots on an area of >3mmÇ with a repeatability better than +/-0.5%. Measures all material from 80 / 200 lpi. Analyses AM and FM plates fully automatically and meets the highest quality requirements with ISO target and auto-calibration system.

  2. Data capture

    Images with measured results. Image history of measurements.
    Data comparison i.e. mask vs plate. Saves all data and the graph of the data plot window. Saves data of ISO target measurement.

  3. Single Measurements

    Single measurements of barcode width, screen ruling, screen angle, single dot size, and adjacent groups of 4 dots.
    Also measures HD Flexo Screening.

  4. Package

    Instrument (i.T) including Target*, software CD with dongle, (version to be announced with the order), light box and
    transportation box. For the FCU3D software is only available as a 64Bit version, Win 7. For FCU either 64 or 32 Bit for Win 7, Win XP, Vista.

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