SPEKTA 2 is Screen’s second generation of hybrid screening that combines the ease of use and consistency of conventional AM screening, with the quality of FM screening.


  1. Photorealistic

    SPEKTA 2 enables printers to experience the photorealistic quality of FM screening combined with the printability of a conventional screen. The result is photorealistic images on the same page as smooth flat colours.

  2. Higher quality print with conventional printing equipment and methods

    With SPEKTA screening, you can have the best of both AM and FM screening methods. And you can have it on every page and every image that you print.

  3. Higher quality printing

    The quality that can be achieved with an ordinary setup of 175 lpi and 2 400 dpi will appear equal to that of 300 lpi printing. And it can achieve this without the stringent controls usually required for high lpi printing. Higher quality print is achieved with the same printing equipment.

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