The PlateRite Ultima 24000Z is a multi-format platesetter with a high level of flexibility and productivity.

  1. High productivity

    New VLF systems have been developed by Screen to complement a new larger format presses on the market (such as the KBA 205, the MAN Roland 900 XXL and Lithoman IV). Their format and high productivity make them ideal for sheet-fed and web offset presses within commercial, magazine, book and packaging companies.

  2. World’s fastest B1 platesetter

    The ability to image two B1 plates simultaneously on these large-format devices effectively makes them the fastest B1 platesetters in the world and ideal to support multi-colour perfecting presses. A full set of B1 punched plates can be produced for a 12-unit press in just 15 minutes.

  3. Dual plate loading & plate loader options

    Dual plate loading and unloading. Single or multiple cassette plate loader options. Up to 300 plates on line.

  4. Further features

    Features automated drum balance, internal punching and
    provides optimum press performance.

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