The Screen PlateRite FX1524 is a high-quality, easy to use, reliable CtP recorder that offers optimal flexo/letterpress plate output for printing and prepress companies. Plates up to 1,067 × 1,524 mm can be loaded.


  1. Wide range of uses & precision

    The PlateRite FX1524 is designed for a wide range of uses, including the production of labels, flexible packaging, cartons, and corrugated packaging. Plates up to 1,067 × 1,524 mm (42.0″ × 60.0″) for the FX1524 can be loaded onto their drum with ease, ensuring high precision, high quality output of resin plates.

  2. Efficient operation

    The FX1524 can image the black mask layer of resin plates directly, eliminating the need for film and other intermediate processing. This results in more efficient operations, as well as consistent output quality.

  3. High quality in highlight & shadow areas

    The FX1524’s superior halftone dot reproduction ensures consistently high quality printing in the highlight and shadow areas. In its standard configuration, it supports an output resolution of 4,800 dpi.

  4. Benefits

    Consistent plate quality, proven technology, easy operation, superior reproduction of fine lines and white knockout text, with advanced, fully digital processing for higher efficiency.

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