EQUIOSNET is a printing business solution that incorporates personalization and merges support for output of variable data with an advanced Print on Demand (POD) system based on innovative inkjet technology.


  1. Reduces paper wastage

    The EQUIOSNET solution makes it possible to reduce the amount of paper wasted to the fullest extent possible.

  2. A one stop service

    By enabling the use of a single set of source data with a variety of media, EQUIOSNET expands the possibilities for what can be ordered in a single job and allows you to provide a one stop service to your customers.

  3. Added value

    The selected format can be printed in advance on an offset printing press. Then POD can be used to overprint the offset printed product with individualized information that suits the needs of the consumer.

  4. Hybrid printing

    Hybrid printing using offset printing and POD adds value to the printed product and is sure to contribute to the development of a new printing business trend.

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