The Rotec Atlas Adapter has a carbon-fibre structure for maximum printing performance and is equipped with customised air conduction system.


  1. Suitability & adaption

    Suitable for conventional cylinder presses and quick change cantilevered machines. Adaption to existing customer-specific carrier system – technical details are required for the optimum function.

  2. Durable

    Extremely durable polyurethane surface (75 Shore D) – generally scratch and solvent resistant if handled correctly.

  3. Proven design

    Proven interior design of synthetic resin and fibre compound assures long-lasting and consistent mounting characteristics.

  4. Surface Technology & Benefits

    The regulations of ATEX 95 concerning electrostatic derivation ability are fulfilled. Benefits include: quick set-up times and easy handling; cost saving due to reduced wall thickness of printing sleeve; can be combined with various types of sleeves.

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