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The Rotec Airo Adapter features a compressed air connection and dedicated air conduction system that transports air to the surface.
It’s suitable for conventional cylinder presses and quick change cantilevered machines.


  1. Durable surface

    Extremely durable polyurethane surface (75 Shore D) – generally scratch and solvent resistant if handled correctly (see rotec® User’s Advice).

  2. Proven design

    Proven interior design of synthetic resin and fibre compound assures long-lasting and consistent mounting.

  3. Metal reinforced

    Metal-reinforced notch with position mark on opposite end.
    High-precision grinding (TIR ≤ 0.025 mm) measured on carrier cylinder at TIR ≤ 0.005 mm.

  4. Technology & benefits

    The regulations of ATEX 95 concerning electrostatic derivation ability are fulfilled. Benefits include: quick set-up times and easy handling; cost saving due to reduced wall thickness of printing sleeve; can be combined with various types of sleeves.

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