Better impressions from start to finish: R/bak Cushions for Corrugated Substrates from the Rogers Corporation.


  1. R/bak® S

    This polyester-reinforced family of R/bak Cushions doubles as a plate carrier and cushion. Mechanical or magnetic mounting hardware can be easily attached by almost any common method. The standard of the corrugated printing market, R/bak S is available in two hardnesses: R/bak SF (firm) and R/bak SS (soft). R/bak SF is a general purpose cushion for solids, line and process printing corrugated substrates. R/bak SS is recommended for fine multicolor process on corrugated substrates.

  2. R/bak® U

    The basic R/bak cushion is noted for its versatility. It is designed without a support/mount substrate for general purpose use. This high quality cushion is valued for its flexibility. Apply your own adhesives to create those special cushion products to meet your individual needs. Extremely pliable, R/bak U can be cut, shaped and mounted to even the smallest diameter cylinder. As a plate cushion, cylinder cover or for spot cushioning, R/bak U provides superior performance at modest cost.

  3. R/bak® U1A

    R/bak U1A is an unsupported cushion foam with a single sided acrylic adhesive for corrugated printing applications. U1A combines the convenience of a pre-applied high performance adhesive with the flexibility to bond directly to your choice of either PVC or PET carrier film. The R/bak U1A series is available in four thicknesses (040″, 060″, 080″ and 100″) to customize your corrugated plate mount solution.

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