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The Petratto PDF 74 is a fully automatic digital platen die-cutting machine for small and medium runs. Boasting rapid changeovers, auto register and a multi position system with adjustable pressing time, the PDF 74 delivers highly cost-effective handling of dies and forms and reduced material costs. Standard applications comprise cutting, creasing, perforation and kiss cut. The machine is suitable for both digital and offset post-press applications.


  1. Applications & added values

    The Petratto PDF 74’s standard applications comprise cutting, creasing, perforation and kiss cut. Added values include superb quality embossing, hot foiling, Braille and holograms.

  2. Automatic size change & auto register

    Change of size from the feeder to the delivery is automatic. Auto register detects print marks, adjusts the sheet diagonally or crosswise on the grippers and allows setup of the gripper margins.

  3. Multi-position system, reduced material costs

    The grippers holding bar (with adjustable positioning) allows a single form or die to programme several printing or die-cutting positions on the same sheet. This reduces material costs, patching times and positioning operations.

  4. Pressing cycle repetition & adjustable pressing time

    Repetition of pressing cycles reduces patching operations and increases pressure characteristics. Adjustable pressing time optimizes hot foiling operations and minimizes adjustment of other parameters.

  5. Grippers speed set-up

    The grippers speed can be set up independently of registration and die-cutting speed, minimizing the number of patches and reducing stripping operations.

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