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The Cordoba range of creasing, folding and gluing machines uses a matrix system to crease substrates prior to folding. Heavy boards, plastics, laminations and more can now be processed without the need for a die-cutting machine. The Cordoba is suitable for both offset and digital post-press applications.


  1. Matrix System

    The Cordoba’s matrix system creases substrates prior to folding. Heavy boards or plastics, or laminations, in addition to cross grain or digitally printed works can now be created without the need for a die-cutting machine.

  2. Folding Section

    The Cordoba incorporates a traditional folding section with a knife and modified creasing unit. The folder has a modified roller configuration and fold plate angle to eliminate cracking and curling when folding heavy stock.

  3. Added Attachments

    Attachments that can be added include those for perforating, punching and gluing. In addition, plough folds can be added to produce presentation folders. When folding light weight stock, a standard folding unit can be added. The Cordoba can crease from 80 to 60 grams and fold from 140 to 600 grams.

  4. Bat Pile & PhotoBat

    The range includes the Bat Pile, a die-creasing machine with pile feeder, and the PhotoBat, a creasing and folding machine for converting photographs into digital photo albums. The PhotoBat includes a transversal die-cutting group, high pile feeder and delivery table for manual collection.

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