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The SIRIO TH, by now our proven and most popular processor for thermal and traditional plates, has been manufactured with state-of-the-art construction technologies.


  1. Available in 3 sizes

    The SIRIO TH is available in three sizes: 85, 120 and 140, and in two versions, online and offline.

  2. Product of over 25 years experience

    All experience gained in 25 years as plate processor manufacturers is synthetized in this very new processor, with solid and imposing design: from the new development system, already predisposed for CTP plates and online installations, to the integrated water recycling system, allowing 95% water savings.

  3. High performance

    Plate processor for high performances with aesthetically valuable design, equipped with several accessories for online system: conveyor, corner conveyor, stacker, oven, washing unit.

  4. CE Mark

    This model, as do all OVIT machines, has the CE mark as required by the European regulations.

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