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This automatic line is available in 85, 120 and 140 cm sizes, and is suitable for online CtP thermal plate heat treatment. Comprises a Sirio CtP plate processor, connection table, sun oven and spreading unit.


  1. Sirio CtP plate processor

    Suitable for CTP thermal plates. It contains a brush in the washing section and a cooling device. The machine can be equipped with the following accessories on request:
    – annexed water recycling unit
    – conductivity meter.

  2. Connection table

    Connection table to oven that allows it to fit the plate outlet speed to the oven speed. It works continuously.

  3. Sun Oven

    Hot air circulation system by two motor fans. Constant high temperature controlled by a thermo regulator device. Carefully insulated burning chamber. Even heat distribution. Heat and fumes suction hood. Transport belt system made of stainless steel. Adjustable temperature. Adjustable speed.

  4. Siriogum spreading unit

    Manufactured with the same technical features and design as the Sirio plate processor, but it carries out only plate washing, gumming and drying. The washing is carried out with an adjustable speed brush and two spraying bars to wash away possible impurities after heat treatment. Afterwards the gumming and the double-powered drying are carried out.

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