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The Nyloprint CW50x70 is the largest compact all-in-one letterpress plate-making system, with space-saving, effciency and cost benefits. It includes an exposure, washout and drying unit for the production of high quality water washable letterpress plates.


  1. Space saving with separate components

    Space saving as all units can neatly be stacked on a trolley base
    Each component can be (purchased and) used separately, as each has its own electrical connection.

  2. Long service life

    Long service life due to advanced materials – the casing of the equipment and all parts in contact with water are made of high quality stainless steel.

  3. Process safety

    Process safety due to programmed plate processing parameters and temperature controlled washout section.

  4. Less wear & washout

    Less mechanical stress due to a proven plush washout system that prevents the washing away of fine elements. For washout, only tap water is needed.

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